Facebook Pages Of Streaming Platforms You Must Follow

Facebook Pages Of Streaming Platforms You Must Follow

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Facebook is one of the names that come to mind when we talk about social media. Now Facebook is known as Meta Platform Inc. They now have 2.91 billion active users monthly, which is very impressive. Apart from being impressed with this figure, you can clearly understand that it becomes the best place for streaming platforms to showcase their shows. 

So in this article, we are going to discuss some Facebook Pages of Streaming Platforms You Must Follow.

  1. Netflix: Netflix has 84 million likes and 85 million followers. Netflix is a streaming platform that has the most followers. They are not only leaders in content but leaders in terms of fan following as well. 
  1. Disney+: Disney+ has 5.4 million likes and 6.5 million followers. Apart from having our favorite childhood shows they announced projects that will make them the most followed page on Facebook. 
  1. Prime Video: Netflix’s controversial ad plans have decreased its popularity and it is helping platforms such as Prime which now has 16 million likes and 17 million followers. As many plans  
  1. HBO Max: As HBO Max has mature content, they are quite famous for it for example Game of Thrones. They have 5.2 million likes and 6 million followers. It makes people watch its content for weeks in year
  1. Sony Liv: Sony live has 5 million followers and 3.8 million likes which is not a bad number considering they are only available in India.
  1. Apple TV+: We cannot ignore the fact that they are new in the market but still have a good number of like i.e 28 million and 28 million followers.
  1. Voot: 1.6 million likes and 2.9 million followers is the current status of Voot’s fan following.
  1. Zee5: It has all the content that is created by the Zee network and now it has 1.9 million likes and 2.2 million followers. 
  1. Hulu: It has 3.4 million likes and 3.4 million followers as it is famous for its live sports streaming. 
  1. Tubi: Tubi has above 489k likes and 672k followers and it was launched in the year 2014.
  1. Pluto Tv: As Pluto Tv allows free access to a number of channels around 120+, it has gained impressive likes that’s 371k, and followers 464k. It is a very famous streaming app that has a 4.3 rating in the google play store. 
  1. Peacock Tv: The reason Peacock tv got famous is that it started streaming The Office after Netflix lost its rights. Now it has 330k likes and 517k followers.
  1. Crackle: Subscription and login is not required in Crackle, you can directly stream from their website. It has 1.2 million likes and is followed by  1.2 million people.
  1. Sling Tv: Sling Tv has an enormous with 1 million likes and a 1 million fan following.
  1. Espn+: Just by having the unique feature of live streaming only it has 20 million likes and 22 million followers on Meta Platform Inc.


Even if your material is fantastic, it won’t reach the required audience size if you don’t know how to advertise it. In the same way, major streaming platforms successfully create buzz around mediocre shows and make money out of it. But it still remains the best way to stay updated with the latest content that streaming platforms are coming up with. So follow them on Facebook if you love watching their content.

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