Difference between PTE and IELTS exam

Difference between PTE and IELTS exam

IELTS exam

The worldwide recognition of the IELTS exam makes it the first preference for candidates willing to access their proficiency in the English language. Almost every candidate who wishes to go abroad is aware of the significance of the IELTS exam. But for many candidates appearing for the IELTS exam is quite arduous due to the complicated structures and grading system. For them, there is another best alternative available i.e. the PTE exam. The PTE exam is gaining prominence among candidates looking for the best alternative to the IELTS exam. 

Let us tell you that the PTE and IELTS exam are both English proficiency assessment tests. But there are some differences that make them get an edge over others. Well, if you want to acquire a profound knowledge of the difference between PTE and the IELTS exam, continue to read this article.

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Go through the following pointers to understand the difference between PTE and IELTS exams:

The writing section 

In the IELTS exam, where the candidates are given two tasks to respond in the English language through their writing skills. On the other hand, the candidates taking the PTE exam have to summarize written texts, first in a short paragraph, then in a single sentence. That’s the main difference that makes the PTE writing section quite dissimilar from the writing section of the IELTS exam. Many candidates find the PTE writing section quite easier than the IELTS writing section. Thus, if you are struggling to perform well in the IELTS writing section. Then, consider the PTE exam to excel in the English proficiency assessment test. 

The Speaking section

In the Speaking part of the IELTS exam, the candidates have to introduce themselves to the examiner and express their thoughts in fluent English correctly. But in the PTE exam, you will get to face a section of the IELTS writing section. In which you will have to describe an image fluently using correct pronunciation, stress, and intonation. The PTE speaking section is quite challenging but preparing with the right approach can help you perform brilliantly in the section. 

The Reading section

Well, those candidates who are struggling to get a good score in the IELTS exam can opt for the PTE exam. Because there is a difference between both sections in terms of structure and timing. The candidates will get fewer questions that they have to answer over a significantly shorter time. The text will be much shorter than in comparison to the paragraphs of the IELTS reading section. But the candidates have to practice sincerely for the PTE reading section. Because they are only asked one question per text that must be answered within a specific time limit.  Learn to seek the right and relevant information through the technique of “skimming and scanning”. 

Listening section

The IELTS exam complicates the reading and listening sections for the candidates by asking them more questions. But the PTE exam makes it easy for the candidates to take the reading and the listening sections. Do you know how? Well, the PTE exam only plays the recordings from authentic academic sources. Plus, the candidates have to highlight incorrect summaries and incorrect words, and write from dictation. 

Take a look at the sample papers

Be wise and take note of the difference by all yourself carefully through the sample papers available over the web. Do you know why we are advising you to solve the sample papers? Well, simply because these will help you sense your weakness and strengths practically in the right manner. You will get a plethora of sample papers over the web that can impart the disadvantages and advantages of the IELTS and PTE exams clearly. 

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We hope that the above differences will help you make a clear decision on the exam you must take to get proof of your English proficiency. Furthermore, if you want to get your results quickly then, go for the PTE exam rather than IELTS exam. 

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